The new F2 Pedal from the Futz brand of practice pedals for drummers series is here. This revolutionary, practice pad for your feet, first introduced in 2004 is the ultimate way to workout your bass drum or high hat pedal chops. It features; light weight compact design for portability, adjustable resistance and range of motion and ultra quiet performance so you can workout anywhere and anytime.  

F2 Training / Percussion Pedal with Power Spring and Silencer Pad

  • Introducing the latest generation Fütz Pedal ( the world's first practice pad for the feet and multi-use pedal ) – the F2. This enhanced version of the original Fütz Pedal focuses on the performance and durability that drummers demand. Made of super-tough, glass reinforced Nylon 66, which is the world industry standard in wear, chemical and temperature resistant materials, this is my most durable pedal yet. The F2 has increased mass throughout with added ribbing underside on both the top and bottom pedal, larger bearing surfaces for hinge longevity and smoother operation, and double the hinge size for greater stability and durability. In addition, the pedal angle height and stopping area has been beefed up and tightened. For a limited time the new Power Spring is included free. This is an ultra-quick convenient accessory that adds 32lbs of extra pedal resistance almost instantly. Easily inserted and removed, the Power Spring’s smoothness and quietness of its operation is a direct result of the F2’s new composition. Now you can practice speed, endurance and control, and without having to go through the standard tension adjustment, switch to strength building immediately. As always, the Patented Fütz Pedal series offers resistance on the down stroke as well as the upstroke, providing unparalleled foot training. Coupled with the portable, compact, and lightweight design, it’s like no other pedal on the planet. Combined with the Fütz Beater and Fütz Stand the F2 is unrivaled as a percussion pedal. Its easy to use, cost effective and portable making it THE go to pedal for performance or practice. Add an electronic drum trigger and now you have an electronic drum pedal. You can add this to your current electronic kit or to trigger effects in hybrid acoustic/electronic kits. Each F2 Pedal comes with a two year limited warranty against manufacture defects.