Give your feet the ultimate workout with the Hansenfutz F2 Training Pedal

Hansenfutz drummer practice pad pedal. Give your feet the ultimate workout with the new F2 training pedal. Ultra quiet, portable and adjustable.
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Train and compete

  • Constant tension on the downstroke and upstroke enhances your workout.

  • Exact action with no beater momentum or bounce improves your control.

  • Ultra quiet – insert silencer disc (included) for the quietest workout ever.

  • Super effective – adjustable resistance and full range motion provide an unparalleled workout.

  • Use with heel-up or heel-down playing techniques.

  • Portable - compact size to practice anytime anywhere – 10.5x5x5 inches.

  • Lightweight durable reinforced Nylon @ 1lb 2oz. with a 2 yr. limited warranty. 

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